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Bigger Than Ball - Girls Group Training Program


Experience elite training that will take your game to a higher level.

In these training sessions an intense and challenging, yet love-driven environment.  Within in each session there will be a focus on ball handling, shooting technique, offensive attack, defensive principles, speed and agility, and position breakdown.  There will also be personal development and leadership training incorporated into the sessions.  The goal is to see each young woman discover the greatness in her and to experience freedom on the court and in life. We are offering a special price of $20.00 per athlete for group workout ($100 if you sign up or all 5 during the week) for the 1st two weeks increasing to $25 per athlete once school begins. Individual workouts will be offered at a later time.

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Grades 8th-12th

$25 per athlete

Trainers: Danielle Bongiorno (910)264-9662 email:   and Jonathan Clay (850)356-6528




Bigger than Ball - Middle School Workouts


Attention parents and lady hoopers! You're invited to the Bigger Than Ball middle school workouts! BTB group workouts are one hour sessions where girls can develop their individual skills, learn team concepts, and prepare for their upcoming season. All BTB participants can expect an encouraging, joy-filled atmosphere, where they will be given specific instruction that helps them breakdown and understand skills, push past their comfort zone, and work hard. Group clinics are $20 a session and will be offered weekly.

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Grades: 5th-8th

$20 per session

Trainer: Danielle Bongiorno, Cell (910) 264-9662, Email